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The AF Aggression Factor is a measure of a player's aggression, either in a particular betting round or over all betting rounds. As you can see, this value will be higher the more a player takes the initiative and bets or raises, instead of just calling opposing bets. For example, if a player with a low AF begins to bet. Jan 23, 2014 · Aggression frequency is used in Poker Tracker and the formula they use is total bettotal raise / total bettotal raisetotal calltotal fold 100 I use Afq more then Af, easier, use it by street, tells you if player likes to bet all 3 streets or one and done type, you will see something like 45%AFq on flop but it will drop to 35%. AF - Total Aggression Factor - Poker Tracker.It's a funny stat because Aggression Factor actually is more a measure of passivity than it is of aggression. And is usually only used for Post Flop actions. Since checks and folds don't register, a person can have a very high AF but not be a very aggressive player.

Oct 18, 2009 · ClairvoyantX.Aggression Frequency is number of times bet or raised/ number of times bet, raised or called. So, if we use 3-5 Pelion mentioned we get 3:1 or 5:1, for sake of simplicity we'll use 4:1 which puts Aggression Frequency at 80%. That being said use of Aggression Factor is better as it shows aggressiveness much better. So in the case of Afq, checks and folds are counted as passive actions. In the case of AF, checks and folds are ignore, only calls are counted as passive action. In both cases bets and raises are counted as aggressive actions. In other words, Afq gives us the frequency an aggressive action is taken. The cash game Command Center displays information such as your win / loss, average VPIP and average aggression frequency on the table. Bring Strip to front: By clicking on the Jivaro logo the Strip will appear from underneath all other windows on your screen. Consider this a. Poker HUD Stat – Defending Blinds.In the end calling the steal seems to be the better play because of the favorable 3 to 4.5 pot odds on a call with the ranges being a statistical 50/50. The opponent’s tight-aggressive play from stealing positions dictates caution and doesn’t give us.

AFQ is the percentage of all actions which are agressive actions, while AF is a ratio of aggressive actions to passive actions only calling is passive; folding is not. So AFQ gives the frequency of one type bet. "How often does this player take an aggressive action?" AF, on the other hand, only attempts to describe the action, not the frequency. Postflop Aggression Frequency Agg A bonus stat: Big blinds won/100 hands. These three statistics are a great starting point to get an idea of a person’s playing style. They only require 25 hands or so to reliably give a good idea of a player's tendencies.

Rather, HUD stats give us a statistical way of talking about a playerand that alone is incredibly powerful even if live players don’t have HUD stats to glance at during a hand. First, a HUD is short for ‘heads up display’. They look like a jumble of acronyms and statistics next to a poker player’s nameplate. The vast majority of my students are retirees or will soon retire. As their poker prowess grows, they comment that people at the table “misunderestimate” them, and give them credit for hands when they should not. I took this at face value. It seemed reasonable that when a true TAG is in the body of [].

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